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What records are included with my search?

Coverage varies by search. For a complete listing of available instant jurisdictions please refer to the posted Data Coverage. In addition, we offer direct court searches in every county in the US and the District of Colombia to ensure coverage of all publicly available criminal records.

How will I receive my background check report results?

Your results will be returned online and stored in a private Report Management Account. Simply click on the individual's name under "Applicant".

How long will I have access to my background check reports?

Your report history will be stored for the life of your account.

Is there a setup or monthly fee when I use your service?

No, all charges are per search. There will never be any hidden fees while using's services.

Are's results guaranteed? does offer a Money Back Guarantee for the accuracy of its data. A 100% refund will be issued if is unable to generate a completed background check report* or if a criminal conviction should have been included in the search results and was not based on our posted data coverage. Coverage must be agreed upon before a report is ordered.

*Please see our Terms for additional information regarding refund policies.

I believe the individual under investigation has a criminal record in a particular jurisdiction, though no records were found. Why?

Not all jurisdictions or counties provide instant access to criminal records, in which case a county search may be appropriate. Before a criminal report is ordered you must review the data coverage for the associated search.

A criminal conviction was returned though I do not believe it is the applicant I am investigating.

The criminal search query mainly relies on the name and date of birth to link any criminal convictions to the search criteria entered. An individual's alias may also return records. Our Advanced Background Check reports also use a social security number to search for an alias history which will help target your applicant's true information.

What do I do if my search yield's a criminal record on my applicant?

Check your state laws. Verify the returned record is associated with your applicant and have a consistent screening policy. Keep in mind in many cases you are not allowed to consider data older than 7 years while screening applicants.

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