How to Perform a Background Check

Running a background check shouldn't take all day.
That's why we've developed a streamlined process that gets you in and out fast.
Below we take you through exactly how to run a background check.

step 1

Click on the background check you want so that it's highlighted green. Not sure which background check to choose? Find the right background check here

step 2

Enter the individual's personal information. You'll need the individual's first and last name as well as date of birth for every search. Some searches may require you to have the individual's social security number.

step 2a

Click "next."


step 3

If you already have an account, sign in. Otherwise, create an account by filling out the username, email, and password fields. Click next.

step 3a

Click "next."


step 4a

Double check that you entered the right information in the search criteria. If you need to change this, click "edit search." You'll be brought back to the screen you started on in order to enter the necessary identifying information.

step 4b

Double check that you selected the correct background search. If not, click "upgrade search." You'll be brought back to the starting screen where you can select the correct search.

step 4c

Enter your payment information

step 4d

Enter the reason for your search by clicking on the drop down.

step 4e

Click "purchase." Your background check should appear on the next screen in under 30 seconds unless you've requested a county search. A county search takes 1-4 business days; you'll receive an email notification when it's ready.

step4a-4c step4d-4e

Don't worry about saving this page. You'll always be able to access your results through the "My Reports" section when logged in. You can also print them if you prefer a hard copy or save them as a PDF.

last step