Online Background Check Services & Pricing

Services & Pricing's criminal background check services are tailored to accommodate for a variety of applicant screening solution requirements.  Trusted on all levels, by parents investigating prospective nannies to Fortune 500 companies responsible for screening tens of thousands of potential employees, CriminalWatchDog is known for delivering accurate, comprehensive, online background check reporting to your computer instantly. 

Our instant criminal record investigations query hundreds of millions of criminal files from a variety of official sources to analyze a candidate’s possible criminal history. This is an essential tool for hiring honest, qualified personnel while also ensuring the safety and protection of your team and investments. Using the most advanced technology, grants you the control to increase profitability and reduce the risks associated with tenant or employee-related transgressions.

All our background check services may be printed and/or downloaded as Adobe Acrobat files, copies of which are saved on our website, accessible to you at any time for the life of your account at no extra charge.  Pricing is per applicant search; there are no setup fees, nor are there any monthly or recurring charges.


FCRA Compliant Online Background Check Reports

Criminal Background Checks — Instant Results

Manual Criminal Background Checks — 1 - 4 Business Day Turnaround Time

Advanced Criminal Background Checks — Instant Results

Advanced Check PLUS Packages — 1 - 4 Business Day Turnaround Time

Verfications — 1 - 3 Business Day Turnaround Time

Non-FCRA Searches

Identity Verification — Instant Results

Neighborhood Watch