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Are Employee Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable?

They are common in the work world, but are non-compete agreements enforceable? We explain what a non-compete is and break down how they hold up in court.

How Ban the Box Legislation is Changing Hiring Practices

Ban the Box legislation is changing the way businesses hire. Here we list the Ban the Box states and outline how these laws affect employers.

Hiring Interns? Yeah There's a Law for That

Hiring interns and not sure if they’re considered employees? Here we break down unpaid vs. paid internships and the internship laws surrounding each.

The Ultimate Termination Process Checklist

Before you fire an employee, make sure you’ve taken all the appropriate steps to protect yourself and your company against any legal or retaliatory actions.

Ways Employers Encourage Discrimination in the Workplace without Even Knowing It

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How Performance Management Can Protect Businesses When Firing an Employee

Firing employees can be awkward, but it can also lead to a lawsuit. Luckily performance management can keep your business out of the courtroom.

List of The Ultimate Pre-Employment Screening Checklist

Overwhelmed by the pre-employment screening process? We provide the ultimate step-by-step guide to pre-employment screenings & hiring laws to keep in mind.

List of Illegal Interview Questions Supervisors Should Never Ask

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there are many illegal interview questions. Here's a list of job interview questions supervisors should avoid & their legal alternatives.